Aging Boy

by Little City

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released August 15, 2014

Little City is Dave Clarke, Frances Miller, Jordan Axani, Robert Purcell, Shaun Axani, Trevor Kai

Featuring Joel Dickau and Megan Jutting

Songs by Shaun Axani and Little City
Produced by Little City
Recorded at Tattoo Sound + Music by Dave Clarke
Assistant Engineer: Brandon Zelem
Additional recordings at Mr. and Mrs. Axani’s house by Shaun Axani
Mixed by Dave Clarke
Mastered by Gavin Gardiner
Photography and design by Trevor Kai

Thanks to Steve Gadsden and Tattoo Sound + Music

The recording of these songs was inspired and in memory of Aaron Philip Gelineau.



all rights reserved


Little City Toronto

We're back to just play the rock, man.

After successful EP's The Going and the Gone (2010) and Sperry/Capt. Kendall (2012), Little City returns with their third EP, Aging Boy, featuring three old songs never recorded. Despite geography being a tremendous hindrance as they span Toronto and New York, Little City was inspired by the passing of a friend to record some more music. ... more

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Track Name: I Was A Runner
Your advances mean a lot, as you scan through these pages of over-thought. Don’t scream. Your body’s alive. Don’t believe all the shit I said and when I said it.

Your father knew your name, and dwelled in it before you came. You’ll gather yourself in shame and make a painful exchange sound the same.

“Don’t let me down again.” She said I said it in my sleep and I meant it. You’ll scream out to comfort your eyes and breath to stay quiet. Don’t let me down again.

The buyer’s made your fame. I was a runner, I held on through falls and change, within Leviticus I’d do the same.

“Don’t let me down again.” She said I said it in my sleep and I meant it. You’ll scream out in shades of grey and let the light guide the way. Don’t let me down again.

I was a runner and I ran through my life. You were the squire that said that it’s alright.
Track Name: Hospital Visits
This is life in the halls, watching the rise and the fall.

Your parents could write a hit nursery rhyme. Now the sounds in your chest would be lousy at best, but you’re not going to know. I won’t let you go.

I could not guess, with your mouth in that mask, how you liked that last show. It’s only ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Before he could speak, he would sleep for a week. He never let his parents know. His love didn’t show.

I like the way you ride away. It isn’t easy keeping company for long.
Track Name: Do You Believe
Do you believe that Billy lost his dream? In heightened shadows, mud’s in the stream. It gets in his steel toes and his hair. He never noticed the bugs everywhere. They’re skinning him from skin to bone, an epidermis worn from being alone. It’s sinking in and soaking wet. It’s the body of a life I want to forget.

Do you believe that Billy lost his dream? It’s an Abercrombian life at 16. He’s all alone except for the void on the other end of the phone.

Do you believe that Billy lost his dream as the water floats downstream? The water takes his fears that he holds dear.

Do you believe there’s something in between?